Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stupidity is like a box of chocolates. Comes in many flavors.

I feel like... a star! Or 56...

(Yeah, they're tattoos. She claims she only wanted five. And that's less stupid how?)

This picture is almost the epitomy of young stupidity. This girl said she only wanted five tattoos of stars on her face. (WHY?) Then at the tattoo parlor, she fell asleep and woke up with 56. Gotta call you on this one, kid. Bullshit. I have five tattoos and I worked in a shop for awhile - learned where the most sensitive body parts for tattooing are. The face is right up there, right behind the spine and ankle. And there is NO WAY you can sleep through one tattoo, let alone 56!
She blamed the artist, though he says she repeatedly looked in the mirror and requested more. I gotta go with him on this one - common sense:1, dumbass:0

(Hey Mr. Bookman, you're right! This IS more fun than the planetarium... got a dollar?)

Okay, I'm not sure what this guy was thinking. It seems to me, that if you have a job where your vehicle is readily ummm... identifiable, ya might not want to see it photographed at a swingers' club. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. Common sense:2, dumbass:0... score's starting to add up...

(Mmmm-mmm. Hickory smoked flavor!)

At first I thought this was just a car fire, till I read the article that went with it. Seems the dolt who owned the flaming wreck thought it would be a good idea to PREHEAT his grill before he went to a tailgating party. What this Gump didn't realize was that fire makes hot makes more fire! Help me, Jenny! I made a fire! Common sense:2, dumbass:1 - because it was too stupid for any common sense to prevail.

(Relax, honey... we're not even gonna be here that long. What are the odds of a fire?)

This is a special kind of stupid. I see it a lot, doing what I do for a living. Well, not the breaking out the windows part. But that sure would be cool. There's a reason for no parking in front of a hydrant, but APPARENTLY this dipshit didn't get the memo. Hope he likes his new air conditioning...

(Man, I must've drank a ton... got some serious cotton mouth...)

Some people just don't know when is enough. Then it's up to the rest of us to make them look stupider than they already do. And then post it on the internet, where rogue bloggers will steal and reproduce the image. Stupid with a capital "S." Common sense:2.5, dumbass:2.5 Depends on which side of that fence you're on.

(Uhh...guys? Are you sure this condom is enough protection?)

Stupidity even extends to ads... some are worse than others (I absolutely DETEST that stupid fucking Visine ad - the woman at the office who's about to pour a vase of water into her eyes because they're dry.) For me, that ad would go more like:

ME: What are you doing?
IDIOT EMPLOYEE: It's my eyes. They're so dry.
ME: Here. Try Visine Moisture.
IDIOT EMPLOYEE: but my eyes aren't red, they're dry.
ME: HEY! Did I ask you if they were red? It says moisture, dumbfuck! Try it.
IDIOT EMPLOYEE: (tries it) Wow it really works! Thanks!
ME: Yes. Now get out. You're fired. I can't have someone so stupid they'll pour a vase of water on their face working for me.

See? Problem solved. I do think that condom ad is funny, though. Not rated - no ads require common sense.

(Sometimes they're too stupid too live... but this one did.)

This guy wanted to steal some copper, so he scurried up a pole and started to do so. Guess he forgot about those big ol' white things an' electricity and all. He was burned pretty badly, but in the end - well, he was arrested. Stupid or not, theft is a crime. Common sense - refused to participate. Dumbass won by forfeit.

In the end, the world is filled with stupidity and it comes in many flavors. Unfortunately, they're all variations of turds.

Stay Smart!

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Finally. Somebody said it. I like it.


  1. You know what's sad about this? Is that it is too true.. stupidity seems to prevail everywhere, and while it's good for us to have an hysterical outburst of laughter, these poor individuals go through life like that.. duh!! The mind boggles.. loved the Visine bit.. Yeah right!! LOOOOOOLOLOL..

  2. Funny, funny stuff! They say, "you can't fix stupid", but it sure makes the rest of us look good! LMAO