Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dr. Laura and my old friend... Karma.

A Fall from grace... kinda.

Dr. Laura, making a speech... kind of reminds me of someone...

Okay, so I know it's been awhile since I posted, but this was too good to pass up. The infamous Dr. Laura, spoofed in the TV show Fraser, finally lost it on the air, showing the rest of the world what the some of us suspected. 

If you've ever had to listen to her - I did, back when I lived in North Dakota (only one radio station was operational after the flood,) you'd know just how rotten a person she is. I would listen in amazement as caller after caller would dial in, get interrupted, then told what a total shit they were because they didn't ascribe to her high moral code. 

Funny thing about that moral code of hers - she wasn't always riding that high horse herself. She's been divorced, had several affairs, and even posed for naked pictures...something I have yet to see anyone I know do.

more like Dr. Whore-a, don't you think?
Better yet - she's a fake. Always has been. She does have a PhD. - but it's in physiology, which, last time I checked, had nothing to do with the state of the mind. She's more than qualified to assess the body, though. I guess she just likes to do that on the side.  Oh sure, she managed to get a certification in family therapy from the state of California, but that's like buying mouse ears and saying you work for Disney. 

So after years of abusing people on air and getting paid well for it, she finally must've believed she was untouchable. I'm not politically correct - far from it. But there are things you don't want to do. A woman, using the caller name Jade, was having trouble in her interracial relationship - she's black, her husband white, and his friends are racist assholes. Which... makes her hubby one by proxy.

Just another day at Jade's house, I reckon...
And... if Dr. Laura had let the woman finish, she might have realized that. Who am I kidding? She would have said the same thing. Just maybe not 11 times. As half of an interracial couple, I personally would have told Jade to take her man aside and put those jackasses in check or lose them. If not, then be ready to lose her. True, it may have killed her marriage, but if it did, then it wasn't worth saving anyway. Besides, it may not have been the word itself she was really bothered by, it was the fact that his friends felt that they could get away with it, maybe to the point of referring to her as one. We'll never really know. What we do know is that it bothered her and Dr. Laura did what she did best - trivialized the problem, humiliated the listener, then finished with that dumb-ass tagline of hers.

Dr. Laura... some gentlemen here to see you. They said Mel sent them.

Welcome to my world - you get to sit in the back of my bus, Laura.  Heh- heh- heh... BLOW ME!
She even managed to overshadow Mel Gibson's crazy ass - a man whom I always respected for his acting ability, but couldn't condone his behavior. At least he's usually drunk when he does his dumb shit. What's your excuse, Dr. Laura?

Sarah Palin - comin' at ya with both barrels...
And then there was the total political genius, Sarah "Great White North" Palin,  who rushed in with her support. As usual, it was misplaced idiocy. Her words? "Don't retreat, reload!" I can almost hear it in some halfwit cheerleader singsong tone... but unlike you, Dr. Laura, I'm pretty sure she owns a gun or twelve.

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Late update - thanks George Lopez and Arsenio Hall - this via twitter!

Via " The famous Dr. Laura caller, had called Laura BEFORE!? Last time the call ended cause Dr Laura called her a "nappy headed Ho" A-Man's List ! 
Can you believe that shit?